Milani Conceal + Perfect 2in1 Foundation + Concealer | 02 Natural

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my dusty blog. I've been neglecting it for awhile and hopefully I can keep posting frequently from now on. I've checked my overview and I was shocked to see my views got high during my hiatus,almost 900 views in ONE DAY.

I am certainly pleasant with my pageviews because I've never had more than 400 views per day in my 6 years of blogging. It definitely boost my confidence and encourage me to write more in my blog. Thank you for those who took the time to visit my humble blog :)

If you're too lazy to read,press play to watch my first impression here :)

This foundation has been hyped by everyone in the beauty community. Certainly it's not everyone's cup of tea but it has decent coverage for a drugstore foundation. 

It comes in a glass bottle with dispenser pump. Quite expensive packaging considering the drugstore price tag. The overall look also reminds me of the Too Face Born This Way Foundation but with reduced cost for packaging in a bid to spend more on the foundation itself (absolutely my own guess).

Apart from being marketed as  2 in 1 foundation and concealer, it's also

  • medium-full coverage
  • lightweight
  • oil-free formula
  • longwearing
  • water-resistant
  • sweat-proof

I appreciate that little curve on the pump that fits the contour of my finger. Doesn't necessarily makes pumping easier but it's a nice touch and thoughtful of them.

Swatches in different lighting.

This particular shade is a perfect match for my skin tone. I have a typical fair Asian skin with yellow undertone, It blends easily with a damp beauty sponge. One thin layer is enough to cover my redness and blur out uneven skin tone. However a second layer provides better coverage,almost full coverage but turns a little cakey.

The finish is luminous and sticky so a powder is definitely a must. It feels lightweight and with a blurring primer, my skin looks flawless and airbrushed. 

Overall,I'm liking this foundation a lot! I would definitely recommend this product if you have an oily skin like mine :)

NYX Cream Contour and Highlight Palette | 01 Light

I've recently bought this palette from my local Sephora store. It's slightly below RM100 (can't remember the exact amount). I've never had a proper cream contour palette and frankly speaking I'm not a big fan of cream products due to my oily skin. But I've decided to give it a try cause at the end of the day, it's just makeup and it's gonna wash off.

Let's jump into the review!

The packaging is made up of plastic with a transparent top. It's great since one can take a direct look at the product inside, unfortunately it means sacrifice to the mirror. It's a shame because it would be a nice big mirror. It looks like a typical NYX packaging; simplicity with a touch of sophistication. 

Judging by the pan size, there's a generous amount of product. From left; cool tone contour, shimmery pinkish highlight and a yellow shade for under eyes highlight.

There is no noticeable scent and I love how big the pan size because it's easy for my brush to pick up the cream product evenly. 

All products are a tad stiff yet they're still creamy to the touch. I need to swirl my finger on the product and heat up the cream for it to melt off. Once it does, I was able to pick up a lot. 

The contour shade glide on smoothly and not a single patchiness visible. It's cool tone contour which looks like real shadow once blended.

However the other two swatch slightly uneven but they are so pigmented. The tone of the products are also appropiate as of the shade "Light"

Bear in mind that the highlight shade has a chunk of glitter that sometimes migrate to the other part of my face. Not cute.

The banana shade is the most problematic of them all. I've tried using it under my eyes. It was impossible to blend! Even with a damp beauty sponge. In the end I have to use my finger (dabbing motion) and when I did, it took off almost all of my concealer. I did NOT like the banana shade.

I've set the cream contour with a powder contour by Makeup Revolution.

With the powder contour, it stays on for 5-6 hours without any fading. I'm impressed!

Overall, I'm in love hate relationship with this product but I'm willing to give it a few more tries before I decide whether to continue using it or to give it up.

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How to be a Morning Person

Today's entry is gonna be a little different than my usual beauty review. I've wanted to expand my horizon in blogging and I figure this entry will be the perfect start. I've been blogging for a few years and I'm feeling dull and stagnant because I always blog about the same topic. I'm always open to new suggestions because girl, there's always room for improvements *wink*

This is my last semester as an undergraduate. The realization makes me become more conscious on my action and time. On the beginning of the semester, the first thing that crossed my mind was to wake up early everyday.

People used to say "the early birds catches the worms" and I totally agree with it. Waking up early gives me an extra time to get things done all the while enjoying the chilly morning air. It's refreshing and I thoroughly enjoy the quiet and calm surrounding. 

I'm not a natural morning person. Being a student, sometimes I wake up at 10AM if there's no morning class. Since I've been doing the same routine for the past 3 years, it can be a difficult task to get rid of the habit. Hence, I've implemented a few tips to trick myself into waking up early.

1. Set an alarm This may sound cliche but it works! No snooze please. Figure out what time do you most likely want to wake up. For me, it's 7.30 AM. It's not too early yet not too late for my daily schedule. Doing this won't make you feel forced to wake up because you CHOOSE your own time. It does not have to be 5 in the morning just because it's "early"

2. Get enough sleep according to your body This correlates with tip 1. You know yourself the best, check when is your regular sleep time and adjust accordingly. The best is to get 7-8 hours of sleep but I normally sleep at 1 AM which means I only have 6 hours of sleep. It works for me.

3. Switch off the WiFi, mobile data, etc. This is important. You don't want to be interrupted by the notification sound or buzzing (if it's on silent mode) during your sleep. Doing this helps a lot nothing come in between you and your concentration to sleep. It's the same concept with studying. Checking your phone can disturb your ability to revise efficiently, so switch off folks. The messages and likes on Instagram ain't going nowhere.

4. Do a small task. I'm a coffee lover.  I must drink my caffeine once a day and what better time to have one than in the chilly morning? Usually I make my instant coffee before I take my bath. Doing something right after waking up makes me feel accomplished and motivated to get more things done afterwards. Plus I get to enjoy a warm drink while I apply my makeup ;)

That's my tips! Hope its helpful and useful for you :) Leave me a comment if it did or share your personal tricks. I LOVE new and bright ideas! 

Take care! XOXO

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara | Deluxe Size

Hola peeps!

Recently, my local Sephora store was having a 20% off of all items in store and online. I took the opportunity to purchase a mascara kit from Benefit since it has a few of their famous mascaras like Bad Gal and They're Real.
Image taken from Benefit US official site

A large tube of the individual mascara costs around RM105 = $25.40 while the kit itself is RM144 = $34.90 after 20% off. Such a steal!

I'm looking for mascaras that could hold my curl and provide volume simultaneously. I've tried the deluxe size of They're Real mascara a couple of years ago and I remember being fond of it and ever since then, no mascaras can perform on par with it. 

This time, I've decided to try the Roller Lash instead since it has been raved by a lot of beauty gurus on Youtube. It's also the latest mascara released by Benefit. 

Normally, the usage recommendation period for mascaras are 6 months. This is the main reason why I've chosen to buy a set deluxe mascaras. It saves me some cash (Bear in mind, this is a high end mascara!) and it's travel friendly.

The mascara claim to "super curl and lift" the lashes.

I've seen quite a few AMAZING result of its performance on Youtube. It instantly thickened and lengthen the lashes as if the user is wearing false lashes (no kidding!)  

The wand has a banana shape to fit the curve of the eyes with rubber bristles. The wand is also flexible yet it didn't make the application difficult by wiggling here and there.

 Freshly applied 

5 hours later

On my first time using it, I noticed it has a wet formulation and clumpy af. My lashes stick together and I can clearly see lumps of mascaras dangling on it. It does give a nice volume by giving thickness at lashes roots. I had to use a spooly to separate my lashes and get rid of the lumps which is time consuming. 

The mascara is onyx black and it did emphasize my lashes and made it more noticeable than before. I love that it manage to hold my curls for the whole time I was wearing it. I have droopy eyes and stubborn lashes. My curls never stays and I always end up with a droopier eyes since my outer lashes tend to uncurl first. -____-

Sometimes I would find a faint smear on my lower outer eyes. It's not extreme but I did see color difference between that spot and the area surrounding it. However yesterday, I didn't see any smear. I'm guessing I didn't set my under eyes properly the other day.

Removal is easy. I use an oil based remover and it came off without tugging. I also didn't notice any strong scent. 

Overall, I'm in a love hate relationship with this mascara. I'm glad I've purchased the deluxe set instead of the full size product because now I have a good idea of its performance before committing to the full size one. 

Take care! XOXO